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Mangal Acharan

Ode to Sri Mahaprabhuji

Praised be Maha Prabhu Deep Hari1!

Vasudeva2, redeemer of all sorrow and grief,
Come and dwell in Madhavananda's heart,
Accept the love of your devotee,
Maha Prabhu, prosperous incarnation!

Brightest flame of the universe,
Appear in Madhavananda's heart,
Merciful and gracious Maha Prabhu Deep!
Distributor of mercy, redeemer of pains
You appeared in the universe like nectar
At the auspicious hour of dawn.

Prosperous is the nectar of your Divine Play,
It gives us faith in Lord Hari,
Your message is the salvation of mankind
Without discrimination towards the rich or poor.

A bright light appeared, wonderful and unique
When Lord Hari, the King of the Universe,
Incarnated in Hari Vasani.

Prosperous Maha Prabhu,
how wonderful and radiant you are!
Madhavananda is overjoyed to have found you,
O true Brahman3,
Your Divine Play grants the highest blessing
To all who hear or read about it,

Through Lord Hari all are led safely
across the ocean of Maya.

Venerable Bhagwan Sri Deep Narayan Mahaprabhuji,
Infinite source of happiness! For those who think of him
Fate will turn to happiness.

Praised be Prabhu's form, praised be Prabhu's name,
Praised be Prabhu's parents, his brothers and sister,
Praised also be Hari Vasani, the place of Prabhu's birth,
Praised be the dust beneath Prabhu's feet,
Praised be Prabhu's sacred fireplace,
Praised be Prabhu's presence which fulfils all desires.

For ever and ever Nipal overflows with Prabhu's mercy
Prabhu's blessing surrounds the temple there
May the devotees chant his name in their hearts
And enjoy perfect fortune!



1maha = great, Prabhu = God, Deep = light, Hari = Lord Vishnu
2Vasudeva = name of Lord Vishnu
3Brahman — as distinct from Brahma, the Creator — is the Supreme, the Absolute, the Paramatma, without form and qualities, everlasting, Omnipotent, Omni-present. Brahman lives in every atom.


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