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God's Promise

Lord Shiva was engrossed in deep contemplation of that which is eternal, Divine, all-embracing and beyond time and space. While he was in this state of cosmic consciousness, the Divine Self appeared before him in his highest manifestation of eternal brilliance: the light and sound of OM.

Becoming aware of his presence, Lord Shiva opened his eyes and bowed with reverence to the Supreme, the source of all visible and invisible worlds, and spoke:

"Master of the Universe, all-pervading Divine Self. Thou art the true Light of all beings within and without. Vishwa Deep[1], I praise you. I am aware that in the near future, the prayers of your devotees will bear fruit, as your Divine Self will soon manifest on Earth to free them from their ignorance, suffering and pain. Your incarnation in this world will be a great blessing for all those who lead a spiritual life, as your mere existence is a message of love, truth and liberty, imparting love and understanding to all creatures.

The time has come to keep the promise that you once gave to your devotee, Vishwajita. He was a glorious king who lived in the age of satya yuga[2]. Through spiritual and intellectual discipline, love, devotion and humility Vishwajita won the hearts of many, who worshipped him as a wise and just ruler. After years of service to all, he retired from the world to live a life of solitude, meditating and praying to you."

O Supreme, you appeared before him and spoke these words: 'King, your selfless prayers are an expression of true love for all creatures. Tell me your desire and I will grant it'.

Vishwajita answered with a reverent bow, 'Lord, your eternal law is to grant the pure desire of all devotees. I have only one request: that you Yourself will incarnate once as the son of myself and Mahalakshmi[3], the Divine Mother. May the experience of the highest consciousness, the true knowledge of atma and paramatma, descend upon me through this blessing. By your grace, I respectfully request this of you'.

And you, the Supreme, gave your promise. King Vishwajita again dwells on Earth in the form of the wise yogi, Mahant Sri Udaipuriji Maharaj and the Divine Mother Mahalakshmi is his wife, Srimati Chandan Deviji. Wise and holy men endowed with Divine sight have recognized the presence of these two divine souls among men and Divine souls who dwell in space also make their obeisance to them. Full of joy, they anticipate the moment of your incarnation on Earth.

On learning of your forthcoming incarnation, a number of devas[4] have begun to incarnate as humans so that they may also take pleasure in your Divine Play[5], united with you in Divine Consciousness. Many of them will come to live on Earth as great bhaktas[6] and Holy men, and will attain Liberation. The others will once again return to the world of Gods."

Lord Shiva continued, "In keeping with your promise, you will soon incarnate on Earth. And, just as it is the duty of a prime minister to precede the visit of a King, I will myself first appear in order to make all necessary preparations for your arrival. Although all elements and energies are already at your disposal, I wish to be your herald to fulfil this protocol."

"Mahadeva[7], you are the most merciful of all the Gods," OM Vishwa Deep, the Divine Self, replied, "for, unmindful of the reasons that your bhaktas pray to you, you will grant their wishes."

God Shiva responded, "You alone are the acting principle and source of all good in the world. All is well wherever you appear, your vision brings blessings to all creatures. Your Holy message serves the wellbeing of the whole world, it bears atma gyana[8]. You are God, origin of space, not even a blade of grass moves without your will. Your words alone proclaim the truth of the Universe."


[1]Vishwa Deep = the Universal Divine Light

[2]yuga = age or era. There are four yugas: satya yuga (golden age), treta yuga (silver age), dvapara yuga (bronze age), kali yuga (iron age). The present era is said to be kali yuga.

[3]Mahalakshmi = queen of heaven and goddess of prosperity

[4]devas = gods

[5]Divine play = (in Sanskrit) Lila-Amrit,
lila = play, operation, appearance, amrit = nectar, eternal, immortal, Divine, joyful

[6]bhakta = one who is devoted to God

[7]maha = great, deva = God

[8]atma gyana = knowledge of the soul


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