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Lord Hari's Incarnation in the Village of Hari Vasani

Swami Sri Udaipuriji Maharaj lived in the beginning of the 19th century as the head of Khatu Ashram at Hari Vasani, a village approximately five kilometres from Bari Khatu in the Nagore District of Rajasthan. He belonged to the Goswami order, founded by Srimat Paramyogeshwar Adi Shankar­acharya[1].

As an exemplary karma yogi[2], Sri Udaipuriji was ceaselessly active in the service of all creatures and was revered by others as a genuine Realized soul. His only deep longing was directed to one aim and for this he daily prayed to God:

"Lord, when will the sun of your Divine Light rise? O Supreme Self, when will you incarnate on this Earth to dispel this darkness which has descended on the world?"

Sri Udaipuriji lived in complete harmony with his wife, Srimati Chandan Deviji, a woman whose heart was full of loving-kindness, mercy and compassion. No-one who came to her door for alms or help was sent away empty-handed. Her greatest longing was to meet God and she prayed incessantly that he would help his devotees.


[1]Sri Shankaracharya lived in the 8th century AD and is the most famous expounder of Vedanta philosophy.

[2]karma = action, karma yoga = path of selfless action or work


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