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The Story of a Hunter

Another man whose life was decisively changed, was the hunter Lal Khan, famous for his accurate marksmanship.

One day he met Mahaprabhuji, who was as usual, keeping watch over the village cows.

"Where are you going, Lal Khan?" Mahaprabhuji asked.

"Hunting," was the terse reply.

"You had better turn back," said Mahaprabhuji, "for you will bag nothing today."

Lal Khan proudly retorted, "I don't believe you, it's impossible, for I have never returned empty-handed. It may be as you say if no animal crosses before me, but as soon as one enters my sight, not even God Himself can save it from my bullet."

Mahaprabhuji pointed to a crow perched on the branch of a nearby tree, nibbling at some fruit.

"If you are really such a good marksman, prove it by hitting that crow."

Lal Khan levelled his weapon without hesitation and fired, but the shot passed by the crow, which continued to perch calmly and nibble the fruit. Lal Khan fired once more but missed again and the crow remained unmoved.

Ashamed, Lal Khan lowered his eyes to the ground before Mahaprabhuji.

"Now I realize that not even death can harm one protected by God, so how could I, a mere hunter?"

"Lal Khan, listen to what I have to tell you," Mahaprabhuji said seriously. "Every being loves its life. You cannot grant life, so you do not have the right to take life away. The law of karma says that you will suffer indescribably from the pain you have caused others. If you feel no sympathy for others, then God will not hear your prayers.

"The Divine Light exists in each creature — God dwells within the ant, the crow, the dog and deer. You kill only to satisfy your palate! For the sake of temporary pleasure you sow the seeds of pain which you are bound to reap lifetime after lifetime. God will never forgive you if you kill his children!"

This lecture coming from the lips of a child, full of Divine power and truth, made such a deep impression on Lal Khan that he gave up hunting and eating meat from that day on.

This incident was narrated to me by Lal Khan himself.


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