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Nath Babaji

In a hut behind the ashram there once lived a man called Nath Babaji. The Naths are a sect that worship Devi, the Divine Mother Goddess. These followers wear long earrings and armlets made of copper and glass.

Nath Babaji was performing a nine-day ceremonial exercise in honour of Devi, called Navrati. This ritual symbolises the nine-day fight of the Mother Goddess against the forces of evil, which appear in nine different forms. Nath Babaji was sitting in front of a stone statue of the Devi and carrying out the prescribed prayers when Sri Devpuriji suddenly entered his hut and stood watching him.

"Nath Babaji," Sri Devpuriji finally said, "you have pierced and opened your ear lobes to decorate yourself with rings. It would be better to open your spirit and release it from the illusion of maya. What can you expect from a figure of stone? Think of those who are useful in life: a king, a doctor and teacher. The king can make you a lord if he chooses, but only as long as he is alive. When you are ill you can expect a cure from a doctor, but only if he lives. Likewise, only a living teacher can impart knowledge. So why do you worship a lifeless image that can never give you anything?"

Nath Babaji was upset at the abrupt disturbance of his worship and annoyed by Sri Devpuriji's words, but he dared not reply. Instead he bowed his head and left the hut without a word. He told no-one where he was going.

Three days later, through the siddhi of prakashya[1], Sri Devpuriji saw that Nath Babaji was staying in Lohagal, a place of pilgrimage in the Sikar district. Here he was taking part in a religious celebration. In his heart Nath Babaji was troubled because he had not been able to control his feelings when Sri Devpuriji had confronted him.

The all-recognizing Sri Devpuriji appeared and spoke to Nath Babaji in a comforting tone.

"Stop worrying! You are my disciple and wherever you are, I am with you. Whenever you think of me, I will come to you."

At these merciful words from his Master, tears of joy flowed from Nath Babaji's eyes and he fell at Sri Devpuriji's feet. When he looked up again Sri Devpuriji had disappeared.

In this way Nath Babaji was given the blessing of Sri Devpuriji, which led him from  blind and naive belief in images and ritual, to the path of Divine Truth. From this time onward he become a devout follower of Gurudeva[2].


[1]prakashya siddhi = ability to see all places in the universe

[2]Gurudeva = the Guru seen as God


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