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Control of the Elements

Paramyogeshwar Sri Devpuriji continued to live in retreat in Kailash. Usually he preferred the company of animals to that of people.

In our current age of kali yuga, the iron age, people have become so selfish and greedy, so possessed by the delusion of the ego, that God retires from our midst. And if people want to keep their hearts locked, no power in the universe is able to open them.

Animals, however, gratefully accepted Sri Devpuriji's love and were devoted to him. Always there were cows, dogs, sheep, snakes, goats and a great number of birds in his presence. These animals lived together harmoniously in the ashram. Lovingly, Sri Devpuriji cared for them and shared his food with them. He spoke to them because he understood that universal language which is beyond words.

Among these animals was one thoroughbred horse and being an excellent rider, Sri Devpuriji often performed tricks on the back of the horse. Sometimes while galloping, he hid himself under the horse so that it appeared as if the horse had no rider. The farmers would try to catch the horse and then Sri Devpuriji would suddenly appear in the saddle. Often he sent this horse to graze in a particular pasture, with orders when it should return. The horse understood and perfectly obeyed all instructions.

One day some visitors came to the ashram and were reluctant to enter, being afraid of the animals roaming about. However, they finally gathered their courage and went in. Respectfully they greeted Sri Devpuriji and expressed the question they had come to ask.

"Swamiji, we have come to ask if it is really possible to control the elements. We have heard that neither air, water nor ether can withstand the will and command of a perfect yogi."

Instead of giving an explanation, Sri Devpuriji took a blanket and laid it on the back of one of his dogs. He then completely soaked the blanket with kerosene and set it alight. To the horror of the visitors the flames leapt high and they believed that the crazy swami had set the innocent creature alight. But the dog stood calmly, feeling nothing. Finally the blanket was completely burnt out, yet not a single hair of the dog was singed.

Sri Devpuriji would meditate not only at Kailash Ashram but also in the hills of Khatu, in the middle of the jungle, under an indrok tree, or on the banks of the watering place in Kailash. He went wherever his Divine will took him. Even the elements submitted to his Divine nature. No matter how hard it rained, Sri Devpuriji always remained dry, for within a radius of four metres around him, not a single drop fell. Of course those who saw this wanted to know how such things were possible.

"Indra, the god of rain, or the element of water, whatever you wish to call it, responds to my command," he told them.

One of his neighbours was the farmer Gangaram. Once when it was pouring with rain Sri Devpuriji went to Gangaram's house holding a burning cowpat.

"Look, Gangaram," he shouted in jest to the farmer, "even Lord Indra is unable to cool my cowpat. This rain is as warm as the midday sun!"

Quite moved, Gangaram replied, "You are truly the Ocean of Mercy. Nobody under your protection can ever be harmed."

And Sri Devpuriji said to him, "You are a great soul, Gangaram. Now you have begun to understand the play of Gurudeva."

And this was Sri Devpuriji, like a child and wise man at the same time. The motive for his actions often exceeded human understanding.

While recording the events of the life of this Divine Master, I often find myself hesitating and thinking how diverse are the ways in which people think. How differently these stories may be received and interpreted. Some believe in miracles but others not. Many who read this for the first time may find it impossible to take seriously.

Unfortunately my Divine Master Mahaprabhuji has already left this world, for I wish everybody could have the same experiences I was blessed with.

It is not my intention to narrow-mindedly insist that my Guru is the only true Guru, or prove that my religion is the only right religion. Rather I wish, simply and exactly, to report the miracles of my Divine Master, Sri Mahaprabhuji and those of his Satguru, Sri Devpuriji. I hope and trust my deep conviction speaks for itself.

In India we are taught to worship all Saints wherever they live, regardless of cult or religion. Holiness and spirituality recognise no difference and know no measure of space or time. Enlightenment transcends all human conditions and is present anywhere and everywhere, as that One Divine principle. The miracles and wonders of this one principle are diversely revealed, in accord with the nature of this world. God is the power of Divine Consciousness, Omnipresent like the sky above the earth.

Great and holy souls have always incarnated on earth but in different places at different times. Moses, Jesus, Confucius, Mohammed and Buddha are known to many. Others are only known to their disciples. India is spiritually an important place because such Divine incarnations occur in greater number here than elsewhere.

Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Sri Devpuriji, Sri Mahaprabhuji and numerous great yogis and Saints such as Vivekananda, Shivananda, Ramakrishna, Ramana Maharishi, Mirabai, Sant Tukaran, Sant Gyaneshwar, Swami Samartha Ram Dassji, Kabirdas, Surdas and many others have incarnated in this country.

It is impossible to give an account of the lives of all these Saints but it is certain that each Divine soul possessed perfect Mastery over nature and control of the elements. Thus no destructive power could harm them or those under their protection. All Saints emanate pure love and compassion for all creatures, their lives give guidance and relief to the whole world.




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