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Disciples of Sri Mahaprabhuji

Mahaprabuji's Disciples

Sri Swami Shivananda

  • Swami Shivananda's Father Receives Sannyas Diksha
  • The Religious Conference on Hinduism
  • The Form of the Supreme is Sound
  • True Pilgrimage
  • Swami Shivananda Merges with Brahman

Thakur Revat Singh

  • The Story of the Bhopas
  • Chatur Singh Gives Up Hunting
  • The Story of the Blind Thieves .
  • Chaturmas in Bari Khatu
  • An Heir for Thakur Revat Singh
  • Thakur Revat Singh's Farewell

Siddha Yogi Sri Shankar Puriji

  • Mahaprabhuji Receives the Title of Paramhansa
  • The Bird Hunt that Never Was

Discord Between Muslim and Hindu

Yoga Nidra — The Sleep of Yogis 

Mahaprabhuji's Journey Through Pali

  • Srimati Radhadeviji's Miracle
  • Blessing for Sri Devi Singhji
  • In Fulfilment of a Wish
  • Kala Ramji — A Liberated Soul
  • Halva for All

Satsang on Krishna's Birthday at Bola Guda

  • God Takes on the Responsibilities of His Devotees
  • The Story of the Good-Hearted Barber
  • The Enlightenment of a Jaina

Last Visit to the Holy Mother

Thakur Bhur Singh and Gumanaram

  • The Merciful God of Khatu
  • Thakur Bhur Singh Leaves this World

Karma Yogi, Sri Mangilalji Maheshwari

  • The Story of the Jealous Sadhus
  • Misdirected Asceticism
  • Addiction to Divine Love
  • A Light in the Darkness

Swami Brahmanand Maharaj – The Master Of Music

Mahamandaleshwar Sri Swami Lalananda Puri