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Sri Devpuriji's Mahasamadhi

DevapurijismallBefore Yogiraj Sri Devpuriji left this world he told his disciples, "Tomorrow morning I shall leave this body."

They were unable to believe him, they saw him, healthy and strong, standing before them.

"Impossible!" they thought to themselves. "How could his life end tomorrow when today he stands before us like this?"

With perplexed expressions they looked at him.

"That is all!" he said.

The next morning, as usual, Sri Devpuriji washed himself and changed his clothes and at a quarter past five he sat in lotus posture and chanted OM five times. With the last sound of OM, his Divine Self left the body. His disciples noticed his motionless body was lifeless and greatly lamented that his announcement had been true. They felt a deep remorse for not having believed him.

Thousands of people gathered for the traditional funeral ceremony to pay their last respects. The date of this event would have been 1941 or 1942.

Even today many faithful still travel great distances to Sri Devpuriji's ashram to pray for the solution of their problems and the fulfilment of their desires.

The day on which Sri Devpuriji had declared his departure from this world, Mahaprabhuji was staying with his disciples in Bari Khatu in the palace of Thakur Revat Singh. The Omniscient Mahaprabhuji was aware of his Master's intention and held an all-night satsang.

Swami Lalanandji was singing his morning raga in a clear and melodious tone when Mahaprabhuji exclaimed, "Stop! It's now a quarter past five. The gracious Lord of Kailash, Gurudev Paramyogeshwar Sri Devpuriji, has just left this world to unite again with Brahman!"

Mahaprabhuji then instructed Thakur Revat Singh to distribute food to the cows, the birds and the whole village and the Maharaja hurried to do so. Later, after the message of Sri Devpuriji's mahasamadhi arrived at the palace, Mahaprabhuji travelled with Thakur Revat Singh and other devotees to Kailash.

The villagers, farmers and merchants of the area welcomed them and, despite everyone's general mourning, they received the warmest hospitality. All offered prayers to Sri Devpuriji's shrine and with his spiritual power, Maha­prabhuji soothed the hearts of those sad and faithful ones who greatly suffered the loss of their Divine Master because they had not listened to his last words on this earth.

People still speak of the soothing comfort that was experienced by Mahapra­bhuji's presence.




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