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The First Meeting with the Divine Master

Soon after Nath Puri left Kailash with his message, Sri Devpuriji made his way to Bari Khatu accompanied by his cows, horse, goats, birds and snakes. His faithful black sheep also followed. On his arrival the villagers gathered in crowds to receive his darshan, for long ago his fame had reached them.

The area surrounding Bari Khatu is quite hilly and the village is located atop one of those hills. However, Sri Devpuriji didn't go directly there, instead he set up camp in a nearby valley.

It was in this valley that the two great souls first came together, where there merged two streams of pure love and light.

On that day Bhagwan Sri Deep Narayan Mahaprabhuji had led his cows to graze in this same valley and as he watched them, he suddenly became aware of the presence of Lord Shiva himself standing before him, smiling. With respect and great reverence Mahaprabhuji bowed his head and then with folded hands praised God in this wonderful bhajan.


Gracious OM in human form, O Devpuriji!
Thou manifest the eternal blessing of immortality,
Thou lead us from unreality to reality,
O Immortal One! Truly Thou art God!
Thou art beginning, middle and end, Omniscient and
Unborn and unbound, standing beyond everything,
Your Swami Deep worships Thee forever.
Sri Devpuriji raised his hands in blessing and spoke to Mahaprabhuji.

"Vishwa Deep, Light of the Universe, myself and yourself are one and the same. Only our bodies differ, but our souls are united. Although the vessels are different, the Light within always remains the same. You personify sat cit ananda — truth, pure consciousness and eternal bliss. As sat sanatan dharma[1] stipulates, we will now commence that holy relationship of Master and disciple."

Then he initiated Mahaprabhuji with a holy mantra. With great reverence, gratitude and joy, Mahaprabhuji accepted the mercy shown by Sri Devpuriji and praised his Divine Guru in the following bhajans.



What great Mercy, what fulfilment to have received
Thy Blessing,
Thou art the highest knowledge, the Master of Thy own Self,
Thou dwell in my heart,
Thou art Brahman, the Supreme, the Divine Master,
In my heart Thou light the Eternal Light,
Thou art Krishna, the lover of my soul.

Sri Devpuriji, my Lord and Master,
From the depths of my heart
Swami Deep celebrates Thy fame. 


My beloved brothers, I have received the Holy Mantra,
Lord Brahma the Creator, Lord Vishnu the Protector
And Lord Shiva, the Liberator from every illusion, also
had Mantra,
As did King Manu, King Raghu, King Dasharatha,
Ramchandra, Vishwamitra, the seven Rishis, Guru
Nava Nath, Sri Dutta, Maharishi Narada, Sarada,
King Janaka, Muni Ashtavakra, Arjuna and Lord Krishna,
Sri Shankaracharya, all Rishis, Munis, Siddhas, Sadhakas
And Bhaktas.

Satguru Sri Devpuriji Maharaj has also blessed Swami
Deep with a Holy Mantra.

After singing thus the praises of his Divine Guru, Mahaprabhuji requested Sri Devpuriji to bless his parents. So together they left the valley and returned to the village.

Mahaprabhuji's father, Sri Udaipuriji, most respectfully greeted Sri Devpuriji with folded hands.

"Today my life has been fulfilled, for both Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva have appeared before my eyes. Not only our village, but the whole country has been blessed by this visit."

On seeing Sri Devpuriji, Mahaprabhuji's mother, Srimati Chandan Deviji spoke in awe.

"It seems to me that I have seen your holy face before."

"Yes, holy Mother, you remember correctly," Sri Devpuriji replied, "for long ago on Shiva-Ratri I appeared in your meditation and promised I would visit your Divine son. Now I have come."

Srimati Chandan Deviji was fully aware of being blessed by the personal presence of Lord Shiva and she bowed to him with complete devotion. Sri Devpuriji stayed that night in the family house of Mahaprabhuji and on this wonderful evening filled with satsang, no-one ever thought of sleep.



Ode to the Divine Mother
Hail victory to the Divine Mother,
Srimati Chandan Deviji!
Vishwa Deep, the Light of the universe, is her son,
Glory to Maha Prabhu Deep, glory be his Holy Mother,
O Mother! You are the eternal, Divine Mother
To whom all Devas pay their respects,
Rishis, Munis and Avatars chant your fame,
Your mercy liberates from the chains of the world.
Bless me, O my Mother!

Your Darshan destroys my worldly bonds,
Your Divine son is joy in the world.
I, Swami Madhavananda, beg you,
Grant your grace upon me and liberate me
From all Karmas and sins.


[1]sat sanatan dharma = true connection of the soul to God


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