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The Orange Flag

After three days, Sri Devpuriji returned.

"Now it is time for you to settle and build an ashram so that all who come to you may experience bliss and achieve spiritual perfection."

Mahaprabhuji respectfully agreed.

"Wherever you direct me I shall live in complete contentment and joy."

Leaving the valley, they walked through the desert region between Hari Vasani and Bari Khatu and came upon a hill which previously had been a cremation ground. People usually avoided this place as they were afraid of ghosts and demons. Sri Devpuriji instructed Mahaprabhuji to allay their fears and by his presence to purify the place forever. On this hill Sri Devpuriji hoisted an orange flag, the sign of an ashram. In praise, Mahaprabhuji sang:



Praise to the orange flag,
Symbol of Renunciation, Truth and Eternity,
Happy are those who stay in its shadow,
Those who are ignorant miss this great discovery,
My Master, Paramyogeshwar Sri Devpuriji,
Revealed this Supreme Knowledge to me!
Swami Deep is the messenger of his Satguru.




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