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Mahaprabhuji's Childhood


The Divine child grew and blossomed like the bud of a lotus. He emanated light like the waxing moon, much to the joy of his parents and village folk. His charm was such that the villagers didn’t allow a day to pass without seeing him. He was different from other children as he never wept. His face was always lit with the glow of a serene smile. Before he could speak, he intoned the Holy mantra OM in such a way, that all those who heard him were deeply moved.

Everyone loved to hear the sweet sound of OM from his lips. His parents and others desired for him to one day speak to them in that same melodious voice.

On the festival of Shiva-Ratri, when Lord Shiva is expected to grant the wishes of his devotees, Mahaprabhuji's parents decided to pray for the fulfilment of their desire. They prayed to Lord Shiva for the wellbeing of their son and for Shiva to grant him the faculty of speech.

Suddenly two white roses slipped from Lord Shiva's lingam[1] on the altar and fell at the feet of the parents. This was a sign to them that their prayer had been heard. Five more roses fell at the feet of Mahaprabhuji and from this moment on he spoke fluently, even though at that time he was only fifteen months of age.

Mahaprabhuji raised his face to the altar picture of Lord Shiva and chanted OM. For more than one hour he repeated this Holy mantra and then spoke in the presence of all:

SO  HAM — "I am That"
Brahma  Satya  Jagat  Mithya
"God is the Truth, the world is illusion."

He went on: "This world is a confused vision, a subject of transience, full of grief, sorrow, suffering and affliction. Although apparently real, it is unreal. This unreality or ignorance is the game of maya, the power of illusion. The world is nothing but an idea, a thought. Nothing belongs to you. Hold onto this Truth and become aware of God!

“In reality, the human being is purely of a mental nature. Only due to ignorance does he consider mortal physical existence to be Reality and thus he becomes involved in the cycle of virtue and sin, joy and pain, birth and death. The world is a prison in which souls undergo affliction. Only the Satguru, the true Master, can liberate them from this bondage.

“I am the Light of the cosmos, the eternal Master. I am with form and formless, at one and the same time. Whichever path one may follow, all genuine spiritual aspirants will ultimately gain the Light of the universe. In that Light of knowledge the Truth is revealed.

"I am this Light. Only through me will my devotees experience Self-realization. I have no beginning, I am unborn and Eternal, the pure immutable witness of all existence, Omnipresent and Omniscient, beyond maya. This maya, which has hold over all creatures, is dominated by me. In every era I manifest and appear, to help devotees cross the ocean of this illusory world.

“I know all, but no-one has knowledge of me. For I am beyond speech and mind, beyond nature and attachment, beyond the three gunas[2], beyond the five tattvas[3] and their twenty-five manifestations[4]. I am the Origin, the source of all knowledge and to recognise me is paravidya (the highest knowledge), which liberates all creatures from unreality. For me the creation of the universe is like the delightful play of a child.

“I am ever new, ever young in my Omni­potence and yet because there existed nothing before me, I am also the oldest and most ancient. It is for this reason that I often appear in the form and guise of a wise old man.

“Those bhaktas who renounce all worldly thoughts, pleasures and desires of maya, who devote themselves unto me, who meditate on me and direct their mind only to me, I shall free from all karmas and grant moksha[5]. Only by thinking of me shall they acquire the highest bliss, perfect peace and ultimate Realization.  In the end they will unite with the Supreme, that is me. You, oh great souls who have incarnated as my parents, recognize me in yourself!"

On hearing these words uttered by their son, Mahaprabhuji's parents became absorbed in that divine bliss. Diving into the depths of their own hearts, they beheld Mahaprabhuji within and in him witnessed the whole Universe - the creation, preservation and destruction of all three worlds[6]. In him they saw many forms. They shared the same experience as mother Yashoda when Krishna revealed to her the entire cosmos in his wide open mouth.

Astonished and filled with immense joy, they became submerged in the contemplation of his wonderful, Divine appearance. They bowed to Mahaprabhuji with great reverence.

"Today, our lives have been fulfilled, as we have seen the Lord with our own eyes!"

Mahaprabhuji replied: "In the age of satya yuga, through spiritual asceticism and prayer, you both requested my mercy that I incarnate as your son and grant to you God-realization by revealation of the supreme knowledge, of atma and paramatma[7]. As I promised, this has been done."

The Divine words falling from Mahaprabhuji's lips were a blessing for all mankind. His words pervaded the entire cosmos with Love and Light. Such knowledge is revealed only by those great souls who are able to awaken Universal Consciousness within themselves. This Divine secret is beyond the reach of ordinary people, who are still enveloped by ignorance, fear and anxiety.

Mahaprabhuji's words were also a great blessing for all siddhas[8], devas, rishis, munis[9] and beings of the astral worlds. On hearing the celestial voice of Vishwa Deep, the Lord in human form, these beings experienced deep inner fulfilment, the ultimate reward for all good karmas performed in earlier lives.

Infinite mercy and bliss flow wherever Sri Mahaprabhuji directs his gaze or words. All impurity is removed and those burdened with heavy karmas are raised from the valley of grief, sorrow and pain and become liberated. To obtain the blessing of his all-blissful presence is an almost inconceivable mercy.

Whoever chants his name, is filled with infinite joy. Mahaprabhuji is the embodiment of the highest bliss and supreme happiness (brahmananda). His disciple, Swami Lalananda, sings in one bhajan[10]:


Mahaprabhuji, the Satguru, came to earth
And accepted human form to re-establish Dharma.
He chose the blessed village of Hari Vasani
as the place of his incarnation,
Near Khatu in the country of Marudhar[11].

He, the Supreme, is the perfect Master
And Liberator from the burden of numerous sins
Proclaimed in the verses of the Vedas,
the 108 Upanishads and all holy Mantras.

At the auspicious hour of dawn
He was born in the house of Sri Chandan Deviji,
the Holy Mother,
He is Vishnu, who rests on Sheshanag,
the snake of Eternity,
At his side is Lord Shiva.

He reveals the Knowledge to his devotees
That the name of the Satguru is the Essence
of all existence,
His father is Swami Sri Udaipuriji, a devotee of Lord Hari,
Mahaprabhuji is the Divine incarnation in the fourth age,
Kings, Gandharvas[12] and the celestial Sarda[13]
proclaim his fame.

Glory to the town, the country and earth
where the Lord was born!
Countless are the devotees liberated
from worldly sorrow by Mahaprabhuji,
Lalananda, his devout disciple, now asks for his mercy

[1]The Shiva lingam is an astral form or symbol of consciousness. It is the symbol of Lord Shiva.

[2]guna = attribute, quality. There are three gunas: sattvic guna (purity, harmony), rajas guna (activity, aggression), tamas guna (inactivity, sluggishness, darkness).

[3]tattva = element or principle. The five tattvas are prithvi (earth), jal (water), tejas (fire), vayu (air), akasha (space).

[4]A combination of two of the five tattvas results in 25 manifestations of the elements.

[5]moksha = liberation from death and reincarnation

[6]three worlds = mrityu loka ("mortal world" or earth), vaikuntha ("heaven"), naraka ("hell")

[7]atma = individual soul, paramatma = highest or cosmic soul

[8]siddha = one who has attained supernatural powers, these powers are known as siddhis

[9]devas = gods, rishis = Masters of spiritual knowledge, munis = men of wisdom

[10]bhajan = spiritual song

[11]Marudhar = desert, another name for the state of Rajasthan in India

[12]gandharva = angel

[13]Sarda = the goddess of Wisdom


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