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The Broken Water Pot


Sri Devpuriji was once walking at the foot of the Khatu Mountains and passed by a quarry where a Muslim man worked. It so happened that one of Sri Devpuriji's dogs knocked over and broke a drinking pot full of water. The Muslim became furious and he berated Sri Devpuriji, who politely apologised.

"Please excuse this mishap, I will bring you another jug full of water."

Due to the general enmity between Hindu and Muslim, the man was not easily pacified. His anger grew until eventually he threatened Sri Devpuriji with police action.

"Well, I would be interested to see what the police will do in such a case," Sri Devpuriji replied, "and so I will voluntarily come with you."

Thus together they went to the police station. On their arrival Sri Devpuriji expressed a need for water, saying that he felt quite thirsty.

Consequently a jug of water was brought and given to him. Sri Devpuriji then proceeded to walk out of the police station and pour the entire contents of the jug into a small hole he had dug in the sand. The police officer and the Muslim watched with increasing curiosity as Sri Devpuriji first washed his face and hands and then called his dogs to come and drink. It was a very hot day and the dogs drank much, but the level of water in the hole remained unchanged.

On seeing this, the police officer reflected on the nature of the desert, which instantly absorbs any amount of water you care to pour on it and respectfully he bowed to the Divine Master.

"O Lord, I thank you for your mercy in granting us the benefit of your presence!"

Ashamed, but profoundly impressed by what he had just witnessed, the Muslim continued to stand there.

Sri Devpuriji said to him, "Go back to your quarry where you will find your jug, undamaged and filled with water."

This Muslim became a disciple of Sri Devpuriji and the event earned the great yogi much reverence and respect throughout the Muslim community and so contributed to a sense of brotherhood between Hindu and Muslim.


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