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Miraculous Healings

The details of the following miracle were recounted to me by a man from Kailash who personally witnessed these events[1].

He began by saying, "Sri Devpuriji had received a wound to the lower part of his right leg. Its condition steadily worsened until finally it began to suppurate. The whole leg was badly inflamed and my father urged Sri Devpuriji to allow a doctor to give treatment.

"Sri Devpuriji however, was unaffected by the state of his leg and only replied, 'If it disturbs you so much I will cut it away'.

"And this he did. Immediately he took hold of his sword, put it to the wound and with one deep cut removed the flesh of his whole calf. Tendons and bone could be seen, but he simply removed his turban, wrapped the wound with the cloth and turning to my father said with a smile, 'Is this better now'?

"My father and I were stunned by what we had just seen. Soon afterward we said our good-byes and left the ashram, still awestruck. The next day we again visited Sri Devpuriji to inquire how he was and he showed us his leg. It was completely healed! Not the slightest sign of any injury or scar could be seen!"

The power of Sri Devpuriji's energy was so great that he was able to cure every ailment. Many who came to him or who silently prayed for help, became well again.

Occasionally he demonstrated these miraculous cures in public and this he did with a young man by the name of Rameshwar Lalji from the village of Vay, near Kailash.

Rameshwar Lalji had long suffered from a chronic disease for which no doctor could bring relief. His own brother, though a doctor, also had no success. Rameshwar Lalji had already suffered for so long that all villagers felt sorry for him and since they had faith and belief in the Divine power of Sri Devpuriji, they called upon him to help the young man.

Sri Devpuriji arrived.

"Give me a paisa," he said, "and I will eradicate this disease."

The villagers hurried to bring the small coin, which is worth one-hundredth of a rupee. Sri Devpuriji carried the coin to the outskirts of the village where he buried it. Rameshwar Lalji was restored to perfect health that same day. The whole village was filled with the joy of this great blessing, in which they all shared.

In Bari Khatu there lived a Rajput by the name of Ragunath Singhji. He was a courageous man, honourable and fair. In his outstanding honesty he was devoted to Sri Devpuriji, who would often visit his house and light a fire around which all would sit.

The hearth and ashes from the fireplace of a yogi or swami are considered holy, as they contain the blessing and purifying power of the fire. The ash of Sri Devpuriji's hearth in the house of Ragunath Singhji was filled with exceptional healing energy and numerous people recovered from their illnesses when it was given to them as prasad. Even today this place possesses great healing power and is worshipped as a holy shrine by the descendants of Ragunath Singhji.

Sri Mohan Singhji, a relative of the thakur of Bari Khatu, suffered from a serious disease of the liver. In the hope of a cure he sent his good friend Nath Puri to Kailash to invite Sri Devpuriji to his home. Sri Mohan Singhji neglected to tell the messenger of the real reason for his illness, however this did not remain hidden from the Divine sight of Sri Devpuriji. The illness from which the man suffered was caused by many years of excessive drinking and Sri Devpuriji knew that Mohan Singhji had ignored all the advice of his doctors to give up this habit. Thus he gave Nath Puri the following answer to the thakur's message.

"Soon I will visit Bari Khatu, for near your village is Hari Vasani, where Lord Hari himself has incarnated. Night and day he meditates on me and I have promised to come to him."

With a smile, he added, "I would also visit Mohan Singhji but I am afraid that he will not follow my instructions."

So saying, he handed some holy ashes from his hearth to Nath Puri and sent him back to Khatu. So this messenger was the first to know of the forthcoming meeting between Paramyogeshwar Sri Devpuriji and Bhagwan Sri Deep Narayan Mahaprabhuji.

But before I come to tell of this wonderful event I will first mention the outcome of Mohan Singhji's story. Upon receiving the message from the Divine Master, Mohan Singhji recognised the serious admonition and realized that first of all he had to help himself. Mindful of the medical advice given to him, he made the decision to stop drinking. When Sri Devpuriji came to Bari Khatu he also visited Mohan Singhji and saw how he had mended his ways by renouncing alcohol. He thus blessed the relative of the thakur and cured him from his serious illness.


[1]In memory of this incredible event, which left a deep and lifelong impression in the mind of this man, he recently donated a piece of land to Kailash Ashram to build an Ayurvedic hospital. This building was financed by Sadhvi Shanti from Vienna Ashram.


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