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True Devotion

The next day, the two Divine souls returned to the valley of their first meeting as Master and disciple and according to tradition, Sri Devpuriji initiated Mahaprabhuji into the holy precepts of yoga.

One day a large crowd had gathered at their camp and Sri Devpuriji instructed Mahaprabhuji to bring prasad for the people. Mahaprabhuji obeyed and as is customary, first offered the prasad with his right hand to Sri Devpuriji. Sri Devpuriji took the prasad but suddenly grasped the hand of his disciple and swiftly inflicted several deep cuts with a knife.

Shocked and frightened, all those present held their breath. But Mahaprabhuji remained quiet and calm and without displaying any emotion or fear, quietly bandaged the wounded hand.

The following day Mahaprabhuji offered prasad with his left hand and to everyone's complete horror Sri Devpuriji again inflicted deep wounds with his knife. Mahaprabhuji remained cheerful and peaceful.

"Deep! By cutting your hands I have endowed them with abundant energy," Sri Devpuriji said, smiling at Mahaprabhuji. "Whoever receives blessing from your hands shall immediately be liberated from fear, need and grief and thus be filled with eternal bliss and peace."

Mahaprabhuji prostrated himself before Sri Devpuriji.

"Holy Master! Whatever comes from you is always a blessing."

On the third day, Sri Devpuriji again demanded prasad and when Mahaprabhuji respectfully offered it, Sri Devpuriji questioned him: "Deep, are you not afraid?"

"No, Holy Master, I know no fear." Mahaprabhuji replied. "Why should I be afraid when you are with me?"

Sri Devpuriji, satisfied with this answer, next asked what was Mahaprabhuji's greatest wish.

"My greatest wish, Holy Master, is Omnipresent Light. Through your grace may all devotees achieve realization of their true Self and always hold you in their consciousness as the everlasting and all-embracing — as sarguna[1] and nirguna[2].

On hearing this, Sri Devpuriji rose to his feet and pierced Mahaprabhuji's spine with his spear. Much blood was shed, but Bhagwan Sri Deep Narayan Mahaprabhuji stood there unmoved, face radiant with his natural gentle smile, his eyes bright.

Sri Devpuriji blessed him.

"You are the Light of the universe. Just as the light of the Sun illuminates the earth, so too does your radiance illumine all of creation. You will light the flame of spiritual realization in those souls fettered to this world by delusion and attachment."

He then removed the spear and placed the ashes from a burnt cloth upon the gaping wound. Immediately the bleeding stopped and the wound closed.

After this day, Sri Devpuriji left the valley for the solitary peace of the mountains and Mahaprabhuji remained behind to meditate on the immeasurable blessings he had received and waited for his Master's return. His wounds caused him no pain and healed rapidly however the scars remained for the remainder of his life. A visible sign for all the faithful of what he willingly and readily accepted in complete trust and perfect devotion, from God Himself.


[1]sarguna = God with form, i.e., the personal aspect of God

[2]nirguna = God without form, i.e., the all-pervasive aspect of God


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