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Restoring the Life of a Young Girl

Another event from his youth makes it clear that Mahaprabhuji was gifted with Divine powers since childhood and that his Divine will was able to defeat even death.

One day Mahaprabhuji and his parents participated in a wedding celebration. However, an unfortunate shadow was cast over the ceremony, due to the sudden death of one of the guests, a young girl called Durga.

The funeral procession on its way to the cemetery passed by Mahaprabhuji, who was meditating under a tree. He looked up.

"Where are you taking her?"

The girl's father, weeping and distraught with grief, replied: "My daughter has died so suddenly, we are just now taking her to the cemetery for burial."

"She is not dead," Mahaprabhuji gently said. "Give her the leaves from this neem tree and she will awaken."

The grieving father requested Mahaprabhuji to give the girl the leaves with his own hands and Mahaprabhuji did so, while twice calling her name. The girl blinked opened her eyes and sat up to eat the bitter leaves. The onlookers were astonished!

It is easy to say that Mahaprabhuji brought the girl back to life, because she really had died. But how does one comprehend this incident? Of course it’s not easy to acknowledge such miracles in the world, directly or indirectly.

Omniscience and the ability to perceive all levels and worlds of the Cosmos, is within the power only of an absolute, Divine Incarnation. Mahaprabhuji sees within the hearts of man and so of course he knew where the soul of the young girl had gone.

Attempting to understand this will certainly fail within the limitations of this human world, for it is beyond the power of logic and reason. Feeding leaves from the neem tree to the girl was merely a symbolic act. It had nothing to do with the chemical properties of the leaves, rather it was due to the blessing of Mahaprabhuji that she was brought back to life.

After this miraculous event, Mahaprabhuji returned home to his family of three younger brothers, Chatur Puriji, Prem Puriji, Nanu Puriji and his sister, Mangan Deviji. Loved and respected, the children were often referred to by the villagers as the incarnations of Lord Rama and his brothers Lakshmana, Bharata and Shatrughna.


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