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The Twenty-Four Siddhis

  • ANIMA the ability to make one's body as small as one likes.
  • MAHIMA the ability to make one's body as large as one likes.
  • LAGHIMA the ability to transcend the laws of gravity.
  • VASHITA control over the elements and not a slave to them.
  • ANUMITVA the conquest of hunger and thirst.
  • MANOJAVA the ability to move the body in time and space as fast
    as thoughts move.
  • KAMRUPA the ability to acquire any form desired.
  • SVACCHAND MRITYU the ability to choose the time of natural death,
    leaving the body with free will and fully conscious.
  • ADVANDVATVA the power to remain immune from the vagaries of
    weather such as heat and cold.
  • PRAPTI unlimited consciousness.
  • PRAKASHYA the ability to see all levels of the Universe.
  • DUR-SHRAVANA the ability to hear from any distance.
  • DUR-DARSHANA the ability to see far distances.
  • DEVKRIDA DARSHAN the ability to see the astral world.
  • YATHASAMKALPA the ability to fulfil every wish at once.
  • TRIKALDARSHITVA unlimited knowledge of past, present and future.
  • YATHA KAMAVASTHAYITVA the ability to materialise objects.
  • PRAKAMYA the ability to overcome all obstacles caused by the
    five elements.
  • AGNYADISTAMBHANA mastery over fire, water, air, poison etc.
  • PARKAYA PRAVESHA the ability to enter another body.
  • APRATIHATA GATI the ability to reach any place desired.
  • PARACHITTA ABHIGYATA telepathy and knowing another's mind.
  • APARAJAYA invincibility.
  • DURDARSHITA the possession of all Divine powers, with the
    exception of the power to create and dissolve the Universe.

It is not easy for a spiritual aspirant to meet a Self-realized Master. Greater than this is to meet with the rare jewel of a Divine incarnation as mentioned above, whose mere vision is worth more than a kingdom. Although some seek their whole lives in vain, it happened in Rajasthan, India, that two such Divine incarnations lived at the same time and they were destined to meet.


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