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V.V. Giri Becomes President

In December of 1968 I was in Bombay and on the 11th of that month at five o'clock in the morning I heard Mahaprabhuji's voice in my meditation.

"Madhavananda, I have something special to tell you. The vice president of India, Sri V.V. Giri, will be elected president within one year."

Certain that this prophecy would prove true, I addressed a letter to Sri V.V. Giri in which I mentioned Mahaprabhuji's prediction. Sri V.V. Giri answered the letter expressing his gratitude for Mahaprabhuji's blessing.

In April 1969 I stayed in Mount Abu for three months until the end of the summer. In May, the President of India, Sri Jakir Hussain, died and Sri V.V. Giri was entrusted with the Presidency.

In another letter to Sri Giri, I reminded him of Mahaprabhuji's prophecy of which I had informed him one year before. I also invited him to Nipal for the commemoration celebration of Mahaprabhuji.

After some time, Sri Giri stood as an independent candidate for the Presidency. Though the Congress was against him, I was confident that Mahaprabhuji's prediction would come true and at last, Sri V.V. Giri won the election and became President of India.

Very pleased to hear this good news, I sent him a letter of congratulations. He answered my letter and invited me to Delhi and I paid him a visit on September 7th, 1969.

With respect and great reverence he expressed his gratitude to Gurudeva.

"In our country there have always lived great Saints and Divine incarnations. We are blessed with God's grace."

Later I met President Sri Giri again when he visited Rajasthan and once more he thanked me for my prayer and Mahaprabhuji's blessing. He was sorry that he had never had the opportunity of knowing Mahaprabhuji in person.

"Even though Mahaprabhuji is not in his physical body," I said, "his presence is there wherever there is devotion, honesty and justice."

Sri V.V. Giri took Mahaprabhuji's Divine name as a mantra. He accepted it with great joy and devotion.




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