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My Visit to Europe

One of my closest disciples, Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda, has gone to Europe to spread the message of Mahaprabhuji there. He has established yoga centres and ashrams in several countries. In 1975 I received an invitation from the European disciples to pay them a visit and on the 1st of May, I left India for Europe.

In Vienna I was warmly welcomed by Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda and the European disciples. A satsang was held in the Vienna Ashram and the chairman of the Austrian-Indian Yoga-Vedanta-Society (founded by Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda), spoke the words of welcome. After this I held satsang with everyone present:

"The Divine Self is One, Omnipresent in the whole universe. Mankind is also One, the creation of that One who has created the whole world. Dharma is valid for all people, all have a mutual goal. Different paths lead to this goal but in the end all come to God and unite in him. The path to God, to bliss and joy, to overcoming all sorrow and pain, is the realization of that reality. The path to Truth is that one on which dualism is removed and non-dualism realized. Enter the Kingdom of the Lord through the gate of sacrifice. Our problems can only be surpassed by renouncing our selfish desires. The human body is a valuable jewel, for it is only possible in human life to gain spiritual knowledge."

At this satsang there was time for questions and discussions, for the benefit of all. A few are included here.

Question: "Holy Guruji, what can we gain through satsang?"

Answer: "Satsang imparts spiritual peace and Divine grace. Satsang literally means "good company," for it is by associating with people of good character that one becomes good. The Self and the Highest Self (atma and paramatma) cannot be realized without satsang, because it is essential to associate with wise people."

Question: "Our scientists and doctors say that alcohol, meat, fish and eggs produce energy for the body. Do you consider that these scholars are wrong?"

Answer: "Maybe these foods will increase physical strength, but this energy contains a low spiritual vibration. If someone wants to bring their level of consciousness to that of animals, then they may eat this type of food. But as humans our aim is to develop Divine qualities and whoever wishes to achieve this should eat pure, sattvic food. All aspirants should take care of their health and purify their minds by means of proper diet and breath control. In this way bliss can be achieved."

Question: "Guruji, why do so many Divine souls incarnate in India? Why not in other countries?"

Answer: "God is just and fair, His law is irrevocable. The reason for the great number of highly spiritual souls incarnated in India is because India is a very spiritual country."

Like this, satsangs and discussions were shared for several days and following a yoga seminar under the direction of Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda, I visited other Austrian cities and then travelled to Czechoslovakia. In the capital of Prague a medical team experimented on my yogic abilities by measuring the energy of my brain in an EEG (electroencephalograph). The results surprised them, as it was revealed that through the techniques of yoga it is possible to bring one's brain to a state of perfect rest.

I returned to India in August after journeying through several other European countries.




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