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Mahaprabhuji Appears to His Devotees

On January 5th, 1971, I had a remarkable experience. A merchant in precious stones named Seth Narotam Dass Jhaveri came up to me after satsang, saying that he had a question regarding the samadhi that is reached through yoga. I was surprised because businessmen are not usually interested in such spiritually demanding goals and I immediately began to explain to him that samadhi was not possible to buy or receive as a gift, but rather was achieved by the sacrifice of much time towards practice.

"Pardon me, Swamiji," was his quiet reply. "I have never had a Guru, but from my earliest years I've had the inner wish to practise yoga. On my own, I frequently sit and meditate. About three years ago I had my first brief samadhi experience. All was dark for a few seconds and then I experienced an intensely bright light that lasted for over an hour. From that day on I have practised regularly to increase my ability to stay in that exalted state, until now I can remain there for seven hours."

I listened with great interest to the merchant's words. He then went on to tell me the most important thing.

"Now I would like to explain why I have come to you. In my samadhi I have repeatedly seen devas, rishis, munis and holy persons such as Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and other Divine incarnations. For the last five days now I have been visited by a Saint in a turban. He is enveloped in a radiant light and many other Gods and Saints accompany him. He never says anything, but just smiles at me. I am drawn to him like a magnet but don't know who he is. Do you think you could possibly help me?"

I felt sure that the turbaned Saint described by Narotam Dass Jhaveri could only be Mahaprabhuji and I took his picture out of my bag.

"Yes! This mahatma appears to me during my meditation," he exclaimed. "Please be so kind as to tell me where I can find him. Through him my life will be fulfilled! If you are his disciple, then please accept me as your Gurubhai — disciple of the same Master."

I congratulated Sri Jhaveri for being blessed with Mahaprabhuji's darshan, for his appearance during meditation was a sign of a highly advanced stage of spiritual development. Then, to his great sorrow, I told him that Mahaprabhuji's physical form was no longer on earth.

Sri Jhaveri asked if he could visit me the next day and when he came in the afternoon I gave him mantra diksha. Three days later he visited again and told me the following.

"Conscientiously I practised the mantra you gave me and after a short time, I could feel a radiant energy surround me and it seemed as though a dark shadow left my body. I continued repeating my mantra until the shadow completely disappeared. Since then I have experienced much better health. The lethargy and other physical problems from which I've suffered so long have gone. Between my eyebrows a light began to shine and I heard the sound of OM. In the ray of light appeared the kind face of Mahaprabhuji.

"He was smiling and said, 'You are mine. I always care for my devotees. Some of them forget me due to the temptations of maya but I never give up, I watch over them all'. He further said, 'Tell Madhavananda to give you a copy of my Gita'! Mahaprabhuji then vanished. Please, Swamiji, I beg you to give me a copy of Sri Vigyan Deep Gita."

Of course I fulfilled Sri Jhaveri's request. After three days, Sri Jhaveri visited me again.

"Swamiji, at nine o'clock the day before yesterday when I opened Mahaprabhuji's Gita, I gained samadhi and had a vision of Mahaprabhuji sitting before me in an armchair. He took the Gita and began to read to me and in simple words explained its meaning. While I drank the nectar of his Divine knowledge, I became enveloped in heavenly bliss. This appearance lasted for eight hours, during which I had no sense of time. Never before have I experienced such transcendent joy! The voice of Mahaprabhuji is forever in my heart. Without it I can enjoy nothing. In the end, Mahaprabhuji said to me, 'I have given Madhavanada some important instructions and you should help him'.

"Therefore Swamiji, tell me what I can do for you," said Sri Jhaveri.

I told him to continue with Mahaprabhuji's mantra and work, for in fulfilling these duties Mahaprabhuji will take responsibility for the result. Sri Jhaveri's skills were then dedicated to Mahaprabhuji.

After these events I returned to Nipal and visited some places in Rajasthan, including Bari Khatu. There I prayed before Mahaprabhuji's shrine of mahasamadhi and then went on to Mount Abu, where I began to write his life story. This was dictated to my disciple Ram Lal Garg, the son of my younger sister from the village of Narlai.

At the request of my disciples I travelled to this village and stayed there for some time. From there I made a circular tour through the province of Kutch and something quite wonderful happened there.

Jakhu Bhai was a Jain from the village of Sidra who had become a devotee of Mahaprabhuji and who prayed to him for the blessing of a son. Mahaprabhuji granted him this desire and soon after a son was born.

One day Jakhu Bhai went on pilgrimage to a Jain Mandir to perform his worship there. On the way he had a vision of Mahaprabhuji and filled with joy, Jakhu Bhai prostrated himself before him. Mahaprabhuji laid his hands in blessing on Jakhu Bhai's head.

Jakhu Bhai responded, "Lord, please be so kind as to visit my house."

"I shall go to your innermost soul," Mahaprabhuji answered smiling, and with that he transformed into a fine ray of light which filled the heart of the devotee.

Jakhu Bhai experienced indescribable joy and spiritual inspiration! Instead of continuing his pilgrimage he returned home, where his surprised family asked the reason for his early return.

Jakhu Bhai answered, "Today Bhagwan Mahavir appeared to me and I have realized in him the Father of the universe, Sri Deep Narayan Mahaprabhuji. He alone exists in the whole cosmos."

Jakhu Bhai's family did not understand and reproached him for denying his own religion. Jakhu Bhai was unmoved. He only reaffirmed that by truth alone can people be saved and that the Satguru is necessary to cross the ocean of the world.

Jakhu Bhai led a pure and spiritual life and he left the world in perfect health, without any pain.

On the last day of his earthly existence he rose at four in the morning, bathed and then prayed to Mahaprabhuji, "My Lord, please accept me in your Kingdom."

After uttering these words he left his body.




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