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Sight for the Blind

About two kilometres from Khatu Ashram, is the village of Kachras where there lived a blind man called Rama. Daily he visited the ashram to bring wood and cowpats for the fire.

One day Mahaprabhuji asked him the reason for his faithful and regular visits.

"O Lord, just to see you," Rama replied.

"But you are blind Rama," said Mahaprabhuji. "How can you see me?"

With folded hands Rama answered, "Gracious one! I am sure that one day you will grant me sight and then I will be able to behold your physical form just as I now share in your Divine sight with my inner eye."

The carpenter Jaya Ramji was sitting beside Mahaprabhuji and Mahaprabhuji instructed him to bring a chapati[1]. Gurudeva then broke the bread in half and gave one piece to Jaya Ramji.

"Give this to Rama," he said.

As Rama ate the chapati, light poured into his eyes and he could see!

How can I describe his utter joy and immense gratitude? Indeed, the whole village was amazed and they understood that this miracle was a great blessing them all. And so it was proven that whatever is longed for with a pure heart will soon come to be, by the blessing of Gurudeva. Nothing is beyond the power of that One Omnipotent, who is manifest in Gurudeva and who works through him. This is the nature of a true Master. He never takes, his life is devoted only to giving.


[1]chapati = Indian unleavened bread


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