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Books in the Sacred Fire

Once when Sri Devpuriji was staying near Khatu, Thakur Ishvar Singhji of Choti Khatu came to visit and invited Sri Devpuriji to his palace. He accepted the invitation.

"Expect me tomorrow morning at ten o'clock."

The thakur returned to his palace to make preparations for Gurudeva's arrival. At exactly ten o'clock the next morning, Sri Devpuriji appeared and the family of the thakur received him with full honours. Thakur Ishvar Singhji showed Sri Devpuriji his house and took him to the library, which contained many books. After looking at them, Sri Devpuriji ordered all to be carried to the courtyard and placed in a pile. Next he demanded a can of petrol, which he poured over the books and then set alight. Sitting before the fire, he meditated just as if he were before his own sacred fireplace.

The thakur watched this with mixed feelings. On the one hand he grieved for the loss of his most treasured books but on the other hand he dared not oppose the will of his Gurudeva.

When finally the fire had subsided, Sri Devpuriji turned with a smile to the thakur.

"Most of your books were useless, therefore I made a selection of only those that were truly precious. Look here! Five books have been spared by the fire. These are those holy texts which will bring benefit and blessing to you and the whole world."

Astonished, Thakur Ishvar Singhji and his family acknowledged this miracle that Sri Devpuriji had performed. Until the end of his life, the thakur read no books other than those five holy texts which had been saved from the fire.




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