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A Singer Cured of Arrogance

Once a famous singer participated in the satsang of Gurupurnima at Mahaprabhuji's ashram. His singing style filled all present with an enthusiasm beyond measure. Despite his wish to leave the ashram before the celebrations had ended, everyone begged him to stay longer and not deprive them of the great fortune of listening to his beautiful voice.

But the arrogant singer refused their request.

"My time is valuable," he exclaimed. "For just a single song I earn 100 rupees in town. I only came here to greet Mahaprabhuji and do not intend to stay longer."

On hearing this, Mahaprabhuji said to him, "Dear Panditji, they all ask you to stay and they speak with the voice of their soul. It would be a mistake to refuse their wish and the Omnipresent would not be pleased."

However, the singer was unwilling to heed the warning of Mahaprabhuji and he left the ashram with his son. The other visitors were sad.

"O Mahaprabhuji, our hearts long to hear the beautiful voice of Panditji singing bhajans."

Mahaprabhuji comforted his devotees.

"In the kingdom of Gurudeva the desires of bhaktas are always fulfilled. Be sure that Panditji will not go far. He will return and sing for you as long as you wish."

And it happened just as Mahaprabhuji had said, for soon after the singer and his son left the ashram, they became lost. Without noticing it, they walked again and again around the ashram. Despite quickening their pace they gained no distance.

Mahaprabhuji revealed this scene to his devotees.

"Don't speak to them," he said with a smile. "They wanted to leave and now their wish is granted. Later this evening they will return to the ashram."

Oblivious to their situation, the father and son strode around the ashram acknowledging that they seemed to have covered a great distance. Soon they would be able to see their home village, they thought. But when they sat down to take a rest they suddenly realized that they sat directly in front of the ashram.

Mahaprabhuji's words came to the son's mind.

"You didn't realize who Gurudeva is. He is a Divine incarnation and because you ignored his words this lesson has been given to us."

"Yes, it is true," the pandit answered, amazed. "All that time we have been circling the ashram, but how is it that we saw forests, hills and villages on our way? Where has all that disappeared? All day long we have walked and now we’re back where we started!"

Respectfully they entered the ashram and bowed to Mahaprabhuji.

"Lord, forgive my mistake!" the singer pleaded. "Greed blinded me so that I treated you like a common person. Now my eyes are open to your Divine power. Please be gracious enough to accept us and allow us to sing lifelong only in praise of you."

Mahaprabhuji placed his hands on their heads to bless them but warned them with these words:

"Don't ignore the desires of the bhaktas and your request shall be granted."

On this day the ashram was filled with euphoria and Mahaprabhuji sang the following bhajan in his splendid voice. It left a deep impression on the pandit and his son.



Why do you sing and make music?
One who does not realize the grace of the Guru
Aimlessly wanders all his life,
His farces and plays are without sense,
He is like a fool who raises his voice
While at the same time covering his ears with his hands.

Blind with illusion and pride, he bows to himself,
Playing many instruments and ceremonial trumpets
He preaches to others the omnipotence of God
Yet in himself this knowledge remains untapped,
Only the brave and daring live the truth
And that one is like the star in the night sky.

Swami Deep says, my Satguru is Sri Devpuriji Maharaj,
The unfathomable fakir, his fame is unequalled.

On this special day of Gurupurnima, Bhagwan Sri Deep Narayan Mahaprabhuji appeared in his physical form in different locations at one time.




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