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The Destiny of a Pea

In Nagpur there lived a grain dealer. One day while eating roasted chickpeas, he threw a handful into his mouth and one lodged in his nose. No matter how he tried, he was unable to get it out. Due to the intense pain, he consulted a physician who said that only surgery could help, but since the merchant was afraid of hospitals he didn't want to know anything about it.

By a lucky coincidence, he met a disciple of Mahaprabhuji who advised him to seek the help of Gurudeva.

"He can certainly help you, as he removes all evils whether great or small." Instantly the merchant drove in his carriage to Khatu.

When Mahaprabhuji saw him, he softly chided, "People consult a Saint only when they are really badly off!"

Before the grain dealer could explain his problem, Mahaprabhuji directly gave him the following instructions: "Return to Nagpur. As soon as you see a white hen belonging to a Christian, your pain will come to an end."

Mahaprabhuji then told the merchant the address of the Christian. Totally confused, the trader hurried back to Nagpur. Without difficulty he found the house of the Christian and saw in the yard, a white hen scratching about. At the sight of her the merchant sneezed powerfully. As a result, the chickpea flew out of his nose and landed directly in front of the little white hen. Instantly she pecked it up!

The grain dealer dashed back into his carriage and once more drove to Khatu to thank his benefactor.

Mahaprabhuji explained with a smile.

"Each grain has its fate as to whom it shall serve as nourishment. The pea in your nose was destined for that little white hen and not for you. God's ways are often strange. Nothing belongs to you. Hold onto truth and remember God."




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