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Mahaprabhuji's Father Leaves the World

To the surprise of his disciples, Mahaprabhuji unexpectedly left the ashram one day and proceeded to his home village of Hari Vasani. When asked the reason for his sudden departure, Mahaprabhuji said his father would soon farewell this world and so wanted to pay his last respects.

When Mahaprabhuji greeted his father, Sri Udaipuriji's face shone with joy.

"Welcome to you, Infinite Light," he said. "Happy and blessed I am that you have come to be with me in my final hours. Now that I have been permitted to see your face once again, I can peacefully depart this world. My last request to you is that you care for your younger brothers and sister. I now leave this world which has been only a short stage on the journey of my soul."

Mahaprabhuji affectionately answered, "Don't worry about your relatives, God takes responsibility for all who are devoted to him. I will always lovingly watch over them. Find your peace in the bliss of the Eternal Brahman. Nothing belongs to you. Follow this truth and think of God."

"Vishwa Deep, Supreme, your Divine presence fills me with inexpressible bliss," his father replied.

Thereupon Sri Udaipuriji chanted OM, OM, OM and with his last breath looked into the face of his Divine son and saw the form of God, with whom his soul was now united.

Mahaprabhuji made all the necessary preparations for the burial of his father, who was interred according to tradition in a small temple, called samadhi. Several thousand people attended the ceremony and after the funeral proceedings Mahaprabhuji spoke to his mother.

"Blessed Mother, it is God's will that I cannot be nearer to you, but you need not worry at all because my spirit and my protection is always with you."

She smiled and answered, "Wherever you are it is an immense blessing for the land and the people. Through you they will be liberated. Your presence brings peace and good fortune for everyone. My only request is that you please try to be with me in the hour of my departure."

"Divine Mother, even from a distance of a thousand kilometres I will be by your side," Mahaprabhuji said, with his hands folded over his heart. "I promise to be with you when the time comes for you to leave this world."

Then with great reverence, he bade farewell to all and left Hari Vasani to visit the famous places of pilgrimage in India before returning to Sri Deva Dungary Sannyas Ashram.




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