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Relief for the Cattle

In the village of Kachras an epidemic was affecting the cattle. Day after day many died, causing considerable loss to the farmers. Panic spread through the village because the existing treatments had proven to be utterly useless. In the case of this epidemic there was no relief and the farmers resorted to any possible measure to eradicate that disease, including magic and rituals.

Finally in their despair they turned to Mahaprabhuji for help.

"Merciful Master, please help us to control this epidemic which threatens our very livelihood!"

"You have come very late to seek my help," Gurudeva replied. "However, I assure you that by tomorrow morning the disease will have disappeared."

That whole night the farmers of Kachras fervently prayed that the words of Gurudeva would prove true. In the morning, Mahaprabhuji left his ashram and went with them to a field near the village. I was fortunate to be present at that time.

He stopped in front of a thorn bush and explained that this bush was the source of the epidemic. He directed the farmers to dig a hole three metres deep and to throw the bush in.

"We want to bury this illness once and for all," he said. After this the epidemic disappeared.

With immense gratitude the villagers rejoiced and praised the fame of the merciful and compassionate Gurudeva!

It must be acknowledged that the disease was not the result of that particular thorn bush, otherwise the epidemic could not have disappeared just by burying it. Rather, it was through this action that Mahaprabhuji made it easier for the simple farmers to understand. The epidemic was driven away through nothing else but the Divine power of Bhagwan Sri Deep Narayan Mahaprabhuji.

According to the law of karma, everyone is responsible for their own actions and thus their own destiny. This truth complies with the principle or law of "cause and effect": each action has a corresponding reaction. The pleasant and unpleasant effects that arise from our actions can continue throughout many lives but, due to the limitations of our sensory awareness and our memory, we are normally unaware of what karmas are carried with us from previous lifetimes. Be sure that whatever happens in our life today is never due to chance or accident. At any time there are always certain decisive reasons for every event, even if we are unaware of it.

A perfected soul who incarnates on this earth is fully conscious of these diverse cause and effects. That soul not only knows of our karma but can also save us from it by their Divine mercy and blessing. It is beyond doubt that Mahaprabhuji knew the reason for the cattle epidemic in Kachras, but he did not speak of it. Without his intervention this story would certainly have come to a different end. But he who is beyond the winding roads of fate and destiny, bestowed his compassionate mercy.

The main motive for the appearance of such a Divine soul on earth is to bring spiritual purification to all. The Divine incarnation is like the sunrise which brings an end to the night of human ignorance. We are apt to think that we serve those great Saints but in reality it is they who serve us, much beyond the capacity of our limited imagination.




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