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The Banyan Leaf and The Match

One day while on a walk in the desert, Mahaprabhuji picked a leaf from a banyan tree and brought it back to the ashram. He dug a shallow hole in the sand of the courtyard and placed the leaf there. Miraculously the leaf remained fresh and green and showed no sign of wilting.

Mahaprabhuji explained: "This leaf belongs to Lord Rama. Whosoever wishes to meet Rama may come here and look at it."

Most of the disciples were unable to understand what Mahaprabhuji meant by this and although he called on them again and again to look at the leaf and to think about what he had said, the hidden meaning became clear only to a few.

The leaf represented two things. First, that all laws of nature originate in God, the Omnipotent, who has control over them. Saints like Mahaprabhuji who are manifestations of God the Omnipotent, also have command over these laws of nature. Therefore the leaf remained fresh and green and did not blow away in the breeze. Second, that one who worships Lord Rama and whose thoughts are directed to Him, will be granted the Divine unity of health and spiritual purity - to this person, vitality and freshness are given like the ever-green leaf.

At other times Mahaprabhuji would light a match while a strong wind blew, but the flame would steadily keep burning. This was a symbol that those who take refuge in Gurudeva will certainly be sheltered through all of life’s storms.




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