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The Blind Muslim Boy

A Muslim called Karimbaksh, also lived in this village of Kachras. His nephew had fallen ill with smallpox and lost the sight of his eyes.

Karimbaksh brought the child to Mahaprabhuji and pleaded, "Mahaprabhuji, in the hour of need we trust in your loving-kindness. Please grant sight to the eyes of my nephew, so that his life may be meaningful. Although we are Muslim I am sure you won't turn us away."

"The kingdom of God knows no distinction of caste, race or religion," Mahaprabhuji replied, smiling. "To me you are one of God's children. It matters not whether you are Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Christian or Jew."

He then instructed Karimbaksh to moisten the eyes of his nephew with the juice from the ankara plant. Everyone knows that the juice of this plant is extremely poisonous and creates blindness, not heals it. But the faith Karimbaksh had in Mahaprabhuji’s powers was so strong, that he carried out the instruction without any hesitation.

Immediately the boy's eyesight was restored. Karimbaksh was at a loss to find words to praise Mahaprabhuji, who attracted many faithful devotees among the Muslims after this incident.




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