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The Gift of Life

The village of Pirojpura is about three kilometres from Khatu and a great misfortune had befallen one farmer, Amra Ram. Each of his children died just a few months after birth and now his fourth child, a boy of two months, suddenly fell ill and passed away. In utter grief and despair the parents wept at their loss and for their cruel fate. Then suddenly the mother received the Divine inspiration to take her child to Mahaprabhuji.

"He will certainly help me," she thought, "as I have heard of his numerous miracles. Surely he will take pity on me and grant life back to my son."

Carefully she laid the baby in a basket, covered it with a cloth and carried it to the ashram where Mahaprabhuji was sitting in discussion with some disciples. She placed the basket at his feet.

"O Lord, no-one goes from your door empty-handed," she ex­claimed in desperation. "Please also take pity on me, a poor wretched woman!"

Mahaprabhuji directed a disciple to look at what was inside the basket and he reported that a dead child was within. Mahaprabhuji then spoke to the mother.

"Why do you bring him to me? Everyone enters this life due to their karma and leaves again according to karmic law."

But how was this poor, pitiable farmer's wife able to understand this? All she knew was that she had lost one child after another.

Still confident that Mahaprabhuji would help her, she repeated several times, "Lord, you have helped so many, why not me also? Please grant me your blessing."

To add weight to her plea she said, "Lord, my family has been close to Yours for so many years, surely you could be especially gracious to us."

Mahaprabhuji smiled and turned to his disciples.

"She doesn't know that for one who has renounced the world all men and women are the same. He sees the whole world as his family. But her ignorance is born of innocence and she has spoken the truth with great longing. Therefore her wish should be fulfilled."

And with this he lifted the child into his arms.

"Open your eyes little one and tell me why you have caused so much trouble here in my ashram. Continue to live with your family, but in your mind remain forever with me."

The power of Gurudeva's words is like that of the rising sun bringing life to all of nature every day. The baby boy opened his eyes and looked up at Mahaprabhuji. The mother and all disciples reverently prostrated themselves before him and praised the mercy of Gurudeva, which defeats even death itself.

"I understand that the child now belongs to you — you brought him back to life," the mother said, shedding tears of immense joy. "But please tell me, who will belong to my husband and me?"

"He belongs to you as your son," Mahaprabhuji answered, "but his soul will forever burn a single flame for me. However you will also give birth to more children and they will take care of you and your husband."




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Overview: The Divine grace of Sri Mahaprabhuji