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The Liberation of a Snake

During one satsang that Mahaprabhuji was holding at the Sri Deva Dungary Sannyas Ashram, he smiled to himself and suddenly changed the subject of his talk.

"Now the moment has come in which the heavy karma of this being shall be over. It shall be released!"

None present knew what he was talking about, but their questions were soon answered as Mahaprabhuji pointed with his hand in the direction of the hills.

"A very old snake has its home in these mountains and is just now leaving its cave to come here. Soon it shall arrive and I will free it."

"Mahaprabhuji, if you allow, I will 'free' it with my stick !" said one disciple.

"I don't wish to kill this snake," Mahaprabhuji replied. "I wish to give freedom to the soul imprisoned in its body, for now has finally come the hour of its deliverance."

As they continued to converse, there could suddenly be heard a hoarse sound like that of a water buffalo. The old snake appeared and all around sprang to their feet, as the two-metre-long reptile made its way over the sand. Some tried in vain to push it back with sticks as it advanced towards Mahaprabhuji, however the snake stopped before him and raised its hood and in an almost human way, looked up at him.

Mahaprabhuji made the sign of blessing above its head.

"Your karma is now complete and you shall be released."

He sang OM three times and sprinkled a little water over the snake. As soon as the drops of water fell onto the creature, a resonating sound issued forth which sounded like OM and the soul of the snake left its mortal covering.

Mahaprabhuji gave instructions for the snake to be buried with the same ceremonies due to a human being and then, to satisfy the curiosity of his disciples, he explained.

"The soul which dwelt in the body of this snake was a human in its past life. He lived as a disciple with his Guru but unfortunately his nature was dominated by the rajas guna — aggression and strong emotions. Once, in a sudden rage, he assaulted his Master and was thus condemned for his actions, not by the Master but by the laws of karma. Because of this deed he was reincarnated in the form of a snake and for one hundred years had to endure the consequences of this karma in such a low form of life. Today came the time of his liberation, so now he has been freed.

"May this serve as a lesson to you. Learn self-control and never allow yourself to be carried away in fury with thoughtless deeds and words! Nothing belongs to you. Hold onto Truth and always remember God."




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