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The Devotion of a Tiger

Mahaprabhuji was to spend some days in Guru Sikar near Mount Abu and I accompanied him there with some disciples. Early in the morning we departed from Guru Sikar to go to Achaleshwar Mahadeva. The way led through hilly and densely wooded areas in which wild animals lived and the disciples became anxious and afraid when we saw some bears in the distance. Mahaprabhuji reassured us and said we should move on without fear.

In a particularly dense part of the forest Mahaprabhuji stopped.

"Here we shall take a rest. You will sit under this tree and I will go over there and meditate. Should some wild animal come, remain totally calm and don't be afraid."

Mahaprabhuji settled himself under an ashoka tree and we sat where he had instructed us. After a short time we could hear the spitting of a tiger. It was obviously quite close and we became nervous. Mahaprabhuji remained absorbed in meditation. Suddenly a mighty tiger broke from the bushes and ran directly towards Mahaprabhuji. Frightened almost to death, we quickly climbed the tree under which we had been sitting and watched as the tiger stopped a short distance in front of Mahaprabhuji.

Mahaprabhuji, totally calm, only looked at the tiger. The tiger bowed its head before him and after this disappeared into the jungle.

We observed this scene in total amazement and then Mahaprabhuji called us to him with a smile.

"Why were you afraid?" he asked. "I've told you that you needn't be frightened, for whoever is under the grace of the Guru shall not be harmed by any living being.

"I wanted to show you the inadequacy and weakness of fear when opposed to the unerring power of love. If I had been as anxious as you, the tiger would have attacked me instantly. Fear is a sign of helplessness. You are mistaken if you think you were helpless. The opposite of fear is love. Let love and positive feelings flow freely in you and fear and negative thoughts will disappear. Your love ought to be so strong that you can communicate it to others. Even wild animals will not harm you when they sense your love."

We felt we had learned something important and were witnesses to the wonderful power of love. This event should serve as a parable for us. The point is not to hug real lions and tigers, but to face the wild animals of the subconscious: our fears, complexes, aggressions and negative feelings. Quietly observe these without fear and dissolve them with love. You will then experience that they are no longer so threatening and agonising. As if by miracle you will meet love and understanding and this will come into the outer world as well.




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