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Every Living Being Desires a Home

I want to share with you an account of one more lesson that Mahaprabhuji taught me.

India is warm for most of the year, so many rooms don't have glass windows but have a wooden opening instead which can be covered if desired. If left open, the room is easily accessible to many small animals and insects. Therefore, we live in close contact with nature.

A small sparrow had chosen my room to build her nest. Every day I removed the sticks and grass but repeatedly she brought in more.

Once when Mahaprabhuji visited me in my room, I apologised to him for this.

"This little bird is persistent indeed. She never gives up even though every day I clean my room of her sticks."

"But this is completely natural," Mahaprabhuji replied. "Every living being looks for a home in which to settle and raise its young."

In this moment a mouse shot across the room.

"This mouse," I complained, "wakes me during the night with its gnawing and robs me of my sleep. Why can't these creatures stay outside where they belong?"

The second part of my lecture followed.

"You didn't take heed of what I just said," my Master reprimanded. "Each creature seeks a place where it is happy, where it finds food, warmth and shelter. You also do the same. You like to go where friends offer food and a good night's lodging. Therefore don't blame the mouse who also likes comfort. It is just the same with the disciple who comes to the Master where his soul feels comfort. These creatures only do the same."

It is in this way that Gurudeva gave us gentle instructions with each word that he spoke.



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