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Perfect Happiness

As my life with him began, I had the feeling that I was home at last.

After I had been nearly one month in joyful service to my Guru, he said to me, "You need to go home now and inform your parents of your decision."

I would have preferred never to separate from him again but I obeyed the wish of my beloved Master and went to Nipal, my home village. Shortly afterwards, Mahaprabhuji also left Jodhpur and returned to Sri Deva Dungary Sannyas Ashram at Bari Khatu.

My parents were relieved to have me home again but to begin with they didn't appreciate my decision to live with my holy Master for, like all parents, they wished that I follow on with family life in the way they did. Eventually they seemed to reconcile themselves to the idea, trying only to prolong my stay with them by making it as pleasant as possible.

However, soon I had the feeling that they were only playing for time in order to convince me to change my mind. So, one night, I silently left my parents home and went to Sri Deva Dungary Sannyas Ashram, which is nearly three-hundred kilometres from Nipal.

It was only when I saw Mahaprabhuji again that the thirst of my soul was quenched and peace and happiness returned to my heart.

"Lord," I implored him, "let me be your devotee and disciple forever!"

"My son, you are mine and I am yours," Mahaprabhuji said, taking my hand. "Calm your mind and don't worry. Matters will now proceed to your satisfaction and all your desires will be fulfilled."

He paused, then continued.

"I have four jobs to offer and you may choose one. The first is employment with the British Government, the second with the Indian Government, the third with the Muslim Government and the fourth with the Government of the Saints. With which Government would you like to be employed?"

As he spoke, I felt his Light flowing through my body and words leapt eagerly to my lips.

"O Mahaprabhuji, make me a servant in the Kingdom of Saints!"

"Should I?" he teased.

"Oh, yes!" I answered.

The Lord of Mercy closed his eyes for about two minutes and changed my fortune. He planned a blessed future for me. Then he opened his eyes and looked at me full of mercy and blessed my head with his hands.

"I have employed you. From today on you need not worry about how to live. I will give you an orange dress and you will never have to search for another job."

He continued, "Fortune can be changed by the Satguru and not even Brahma can alter what the Satguru has decided."

I looked into his face and experienced such transcendental joy, as if my heart were filled with all the pleasures of the world.

In the morning I had a vision during meditation. I saw Mahaprabhuji on a huge throne decorated with jewels and radiating Divine Light. All around could be heard the mantra,


"O true Brahman, Sri Deep Narayan, Highest Self, I devote myself to you."

I saw Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, as well as many other gods and Saints. I was filled with the deepest joy at being permitted to see these holy and Saintly beings. From within my soul I began to chant with them the song in glory of Mahaprabhuji.

Since that time I have prayed the mantra,

Om Namoh Satya Brahma Sri Deep Narayan Namah

"OM, my greetings and devotion to the true Brahma,
Sri Deep Narayan."

This mantra is filled with Divine Light, truth, peace and joy. Everywhere and in everything I see his Divine Light and hear the sound of his name, which vibrates in this mantra.

All living beings praise and chant this mantra. Earth, fire, water, air and space resonate in this mantra. Trees, fruit, flowers, leaves, lakes, rivers and mountains repeat this mantra. Wherever I am this mantra is with me. In all spheres, in every living creature I hear this mantra. Maya spreads her net, she grows and subsides to eventually disappear, but for me this mantra is even in her.

The whole universe is created by this power and dissolves into it again. The sun, moon and stars attain their light from Vishwa Deep, the One Light in all. It is the Light of the universe. There is no place in the three spheres that isn't lit by its radiance, nor fails to resonate with the echo of his holy name.

The sound of "OM Namoh Satya Brahma Sri Deep Narayan Namah" and the radiance of the cosmic Light fills everything. Since the moment his Light touched my innermost soul, I see Sri Deep Mahaprabhuji everywhere. In each atom this mantra vibrates.

A short time after my arrival, Mahaprabhuji went to stay for a few days in the Sri Deep Narayan Bagichi outside Khatu village and I went with him. The satsangs there, which hundreds of people attended, were a blissful experience. Never before had I witnessed such Divine moments filled with clarity and holy wisdom.

I recall that I prayed again and again, "Dear God, please grant me such satsangs and such a companion in every life!"

That was the very beginning of my life with my Divine Master and in this book I have told some of the many wonderful stories that happened in the years that followed.




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