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Control of the Mind

The next day Pandit Siladhar Vidyalanka from Varanasi was sitting beside me and he put this problem directly to Mahaprabhuji.

"For many years now I have regularly practised yoga. Daily at four o'clock I pray, meditate and worship God through the recitation of mantras and bhajans, yet still I have not achieved peace of mind. During my spiritual exercises, my thoughts wander with even greater frequency than during other activities. I've tried my best to be master of my thoughts but without success. Please tell me whether or not one is able to gain control of the mind and if so, then with which technique?"

"Panditji, the Mind is a great deceiver," Mahaprabhuji said with a gentle smile. "It is King of the Western world and has brought all under its dictatorship. Also very mighty are the officers of the mind such as passion, irritability, attachment, greed, sorrow, joy, fear, longing, hope, grief and jealousy. Spiritual practice is the only way to annihilate this hostile army but as soon as you try to kill them, they attack with greater force, determined to maintain control over you. In particular they like to attack the spiritual seeker and aspirant. Only with God's help can victory over them be sure. Without this, it's not possible.

"Panditji, tomorrow at sunrise when you sit for meditation, direct your thoughts towards me and begin your meditation by entrusting me with your mind. Afterwards come here and report how you have fared."

The next morning before meditation Panditji bowed before Mahaprabhuji's picture and entrusted to him his mind. Peace and quiet came to his mind and he enjoyed his meditation. The army of his mind had disappeared with the mere thought of Vishwa Deep, just as the stars grow pale at the rising of the sun.

The pandit was very impressed and after finishing his morning practice, hurried to Mahaprabhuji with a happy heart.

"Master of mercy, due to the spiritual exercises I have practised over the years, your vision has now been granted to me! Never before have I experienced such inner peace and joy as today. Your heavenly bliss and happiness have penetrated me, inside and out. Please tell me how it was possible. Have you bewitched me in some way or bestowed your power on me?"

"Only if Gurudeva is present as witness to your spiritual practice can it be successful," Mahaprabhuji answered him. "Only the Divine power of the Satguru can bring peace to the mind of the disciple."



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