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The Omniscient Mahaprabhu

In order to pass on the Light of Truth to humans, God often uses his devotees as mediators, therefore time and again people came to me who required the help of Gurudeva.

In Udaipur I came to know Thakur Sri Pratap Singh, the successor of a royal family. He was a man of great openness and generosity, though he exhibited a tendency to aggression and passion. He didn't conceal the fact that he liked to drink wine and indulge in gourmet meals. Although he had squandered a fortune, he was still not willing to change his ways. In his generosity, however, he supported me in the printing of my book and when I returned to the ashram, he and his family decided to come so that they could meet my Divine Master.

The moment he stood before Mahaprabhuji, Sri Pratap Singh, who hardly ever had a virtuous thought in his life, experienced a wonderful change. He knelt down and in a firm voice spoke to Mahaprabhuji.

"Master, from this day on no-one in my family shall touch meat or alcohol and this I swear to you on my life!"

"My dear, I never mentioned a word to you about your eating habits. What makes you speak like this?" Mahaprabhuji asked with a gentle smile.

"Lord, you did not speak aloud but I heard the word of your grace within my heart!"

This is the effect of a true Master. Without having to utter a single word, through his mere presence the inner Self is purified and turned towards good. The thakur kept his word and from that day on was truly devoted to Bhagwan Sri Deep Narayan Mahaprabhuji.

On another visit to Udaipur I met Sri N.G. Joshi from Jaipur, who showed great interest in Mahaprabhuji and therefore invited me to stay with him. Sri Joshi was a religious man, a learned astrologer and chiromancer. In India these sciences are held in honour even today.

Sri Joshi began to tell me things which were otherwise known only to Mahaprabhuji and myself. I began to tell him about Mahaprabhuji. He was surprised to know that at present there was a Divine power incarnated in India. Attentively he listened to what I said and inwardly he scrutinized the abilities of Mahaprabhuji.

Without my knowledge he sent an employee to Mahaprabhuji with the instruction to have him Divine where the servant had come from and who had sent him. He also told the employee two questions that he wanted answered by Mahaprabhuji.

The employee travelled to Khatu by train and was heartily welcomed by Mahaprabhuji.

"It's a long journey from Udaipur to here," he said. "You must certainly be tired and hungry."

Mahaprabhuji gave instructions for someone to bring food.

"I see Sri Joshi has sent you and I also see that he has been struggling in vain for a promotion in his firm. Tell him he should travel to Bombay this month and try once again. When he steps into the office of his superior he should think of me and instantly he will receive the desired promotion."

The messenger was speechless and no doubt felt somewhat intimidated. He stayed in the ashram overnight. Early the next morning he hurried back to Udaipur to give an account of his meeting to Sri Joshi. On hearing all that had happened, Sri Joshi came to my room and bowed before Mahaprabhuji's picture.

"Swamiji, the Divine Master has blessed me," he told me excitedly. "I wanted to test him. Please forgive me for what I have done behind your back but now I'm convinced of his divinity."

It's almost unnecessary for me to say it, but all that Maha­prabhuji had said would happen, happened in just that way.




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