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Vedanta Conference

I was staying in the Sri Deva Dungary Sannyas Ashram when Mahaprabhuji received an invitation to go to Bombay to speak at a conference on the Vedas and Vedanta. Mahaprabhuji appointed me to take part in this meeting on his behalf and when I insisted that he should go, told me that for the time being he didn't wish to make any journeys.

So I went to Bombay to take part in the conference where many scholars, swamis, yogis and mahamandaleshwaras were present. Lectures were given on various subjects. My own was about Mahaprabhuji himself and it was listened to with much interest.

One of the participants, Mahatma Vishuddhananda, asked me the secret of my ability to impress the listeners with my words. He wanted to know if Mahaprabhuji had granted me a special mantra, magic or other secret power. He also asked some curious questions regarding my income.

Since I had nothing to hide, I answered with a bhajan in which I testified that my only capital was my Satguru, Sri Mahaprabhuji, the Highest Brahman, who had given me the wealth of the whole universe. I also said that I had gained neither an academic degree nor practised any rigorous asceticism. Never had I anything to do with magic, Tantra, the worship of goddesses, gods or spirits, but had always sought shelter in Mahaprabhuji. The secret of my great luck lay only in the light and blessing of my Guru. The grace of my Guru was my only title, my qualification and my whole capital.




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