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God Appears in Many Forms

Whenever the disciples of Mahaprabhuji came together we spoke about our good fortune in meeting him in this life and shared the experiences of the grace that he bestowed on each of us in different ways. Mahaprabhuji filled the innermost needs of every devotee through that aspect of God whom they worshipped.

Once a follower of Sai Nath[1] had intended to go and see his Master, who was far away. On seeing Mahaprabhuji before him, he recoiled in surprise.

"Lord, how did you come to be in Rajasthan? How is it possible?"

He prostrated himself at the feet of Mahaprabhuji and on standing up, again recognised his own teacher.

"I am everywhere," Mahaprabhuji said. "Wherever you are, I am with you. Sai Nath, Mahaprabhuji, Rama, Krishna, all are one. The atma is one and eternal."

The following event makes this quite clear.

During a journey through the district of Mewar I came to the village of Gangapur, where a sadhu lived in a small temple near the cemetery.

He was a strict ascetic dedicated to Lord Shiva. He never left the temple, he ate very little and repeated his mantra day and night.

"Despite your efforts you won't gain anything in this way," I said to him and I recommended the following: "Proceed under the protection of a realized Master whose Self is one with Shiva and follow him and his teachings. Only thus will you reach your aim."

"In kali yuga there are no such Gurus," the sadhu snapped.

"Come with me," I invited him, "and see if my Divine Master can meet your expectations."

Together we travelled to Khatu and when the sadhu saw Mahaprabhuji, he was filled with reverence and joy.

"Lord Shiva! What a miracle! I was looking for you where I lived, but all the time you were here!"

Mahaprabhuji blessed him.

"Today your time of asceticism is over. You have reached your goal. From now on I will always be with you whenever you think of me."


[1]Sai Nath, also known as Sai Baba, a well-known Indian Saint.


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