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Mahaprabhuji Heals Me

Several times Mahaprabhuji cured me of serious ailments.

One night after a satsang I had held in the village of Khatu, I suddenly felt quite ill and fainted from unbearable pain. Immediately everyone took great care of me but without success and it became apparent that my life was in danger.

The next morning Mahaprabhuji was informed of my condition, that I was near to death, but with his usual gentle smile he calmed the concerned devotees.

"Don't worry, he'll get better. Without my permission death has no power over him. Twice already death has tried to take Madhavananda but had to relent. Madhavananda is under my protection so how can the Lord of Death harm him?"

Only half-conscious I was taken to Mahaprabhuji, who put his blessed hand upon my head.

"My son, the duty I have assigned to you must be fulfilled by you. Don't worry, you will soon be healthy again."

From this moment I began to recover quickly and was soon restored to normal health.

Another time I had a guinea worm, a dangerous parasite that causes great pain. The worm had penetrated the skin of my leg and while trying to pull it out, I broke it, causing myself even greater distress.

I was lying on a mattress on the terrace of the ashram, hardly able to bear the pain, when I overheard a conversation between Mahaprabhuji and Pandit Sobhag Chandji from Ladanu.

Pandit Sobhag Chandji was leaving the ashram on an errand and had come to say goodbye to Mahaprabhuji.

"If you allow, I will just quickly go to the village to arrange some things and be back at the hour of prayer."

Mahaprabhuji tried to hold him back.

"Panditji, don't go. It is winter and it will be dark before you return. You could get lost and if it rained you would have a terrible night."

The village was only a few kilometres away from the ashram, but it was not improbable that one could get lost, for there were no streets to lead the way and at night one was only guided by the stars. However, Panditji didn't listen to the warning of Gurudeva.

"Master, I know exactly the way and surely won't get lost. Also, it's unlikely that we'll have rain because it almost never rains in winter and the sky is without a cloud."

"All right then, but hurry up."

Panditji left the ashram and went to Khatu village to arrange his affairs, but this took him longer than expected and he was only able to start back after sunset. About half way to the ashram it began to rain and just as Mahaprabhuji had warned, Panditji became lost with no idea at all in which direction the ashram lay.

Driven by necessity, he spent a highly uncomfortable night under a tree, shivering from the wet and cold. At dawn the rain stopped and to his great surprise, Panditji realized he was only several hundred metres from the ashram.

Meekly he stood before Mahaprabhuji and apologised.

"Lord, I now know what happens to those who don't follow your words. I believe in you but sometimes what you say sounds so incredible or unlikely, how can I know what to take seriously and what not?"

Mahaprabhuji smiled at him.

"Take heed of all words from Saints and wise men. Always search for the truth in them, regardless of how casual they may sound."

Panditji entered my room where I was still lying in great agony. He told me his experience but I could hardly follow the story because of my pain.

Mahaprabhuji then entered the room.

"Madhav, why do you lament? Everyone must bear the fruits of their karma. You will not liberate yourself by complaining."

"Master, I know that you can liberate me from my karma!" I cried.

But Mahaprabhuji was dismissive.

"I am not your servant, always available, nor am I your doctor."

"You are the doctor who can cure the whole universe!" I insisted. "You have liberated me from several karmas, why does this particularly painful one remain?"

Mahaprabhuji took a piece of turmeric root from his pocket and gave it to me.

"Here you are. Take it and eat it and your pain will disappear."

As I ate the root the pain immediately diminished and that same evening the worm and my pain had completely gone and I was healthy again.

Unfortunately, it was only a short time later that I didn't fare much better than Panditji. Often we make the mistake of listening only superficially to the words of others, but the Satguru is not like most people, who just talk for fun. The words of Gurudeva always come true, as he knows the future.

The greatest error is to mistake the Guru for a normal person. He may look, walk, talk and act the same, but we really have no imagination of who he truly is. The Guru doesn't make much sensation, nor does he raise his voice to emphasise that he has something important to say. It is up to us to be attentive so that we don't miss the wisdom and hidden warnings in his words.

Mostly the Guru will only make a single remark, without any direct warning, to teach the disciple to improve his awareness and decision-making abilities in realizing these hints. If we make the mistake of ignoring his words, we will be taught a lesson. The following story is exactly about this.




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