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To Wander or To Settle?

At all times Mahaprabhuji stayed in his ashram, only leaving it to hold satsangs elsewhere, on special invitation or request from his devotees.

One day I asked him, "There's a saying that water must flow to remain clear and fresh and it is said that a sadhu must always wander in order to preserve his purity. How should I understand this?"

"Still water in small quantity, such as in a pool or a pond, will soon become stagnant, but the immeasurable ocean which also remains in one place doesn't become thick or polluted but instead retains its purity," Mahaprabhuji answered. "In the same way, a sadhu wrapped in the service of others retains a pure mind, even if he is permanently settled. A sadhu with limited knowledge shouldn't dwell in one place for a long time, as he runs the risk of being caught in the spider web of maya. A sadhu with deeper knowledge is never entangled in this web, but on the contrary, frees countless others from it who suffer from worldly longing and desire."



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