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Mahaprabhuji Saves the Harvest of Kana Ram

Once when Mahaprabhuji was giving satsang in Khatu village at the time of the monsoon, a farmer called Kana Ram rose to his feet and came to bid goodbye to Mahaprabhuji. I was also present at this satsang.

"Kana Ram, what must you do at this hour of the day?" Mahaprabhuji asked.

"Mahaprabhuji, a swarm of locusts has reached the mountains of Khatu and endangers the crops. My field is the first in their path so I want to burn a large fire that will kill them."

"I assure you that locusts won't enter your field and damage your crop," Mahaprabhuji said. "You shouldn't burn innocent creatures."

The next day when the swarm of locusts neared the field, a great wonder occurred. From out of nowhere flew a large flock of crows and perched in the field. The locusts couldn't enter. Kana Ram himself was witness to this and began to preach the almighty power and mercy of Mahaprabhuji.

The maya of Gurudeva is unique. He had called upon the birds to protect the fields in this wonderful way. Only Divine souls can perform such miracles.




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