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Blessing of Mahaprabhuji

It was one of Sri Mahaprabhuji's special graces that the lives of those who came to him as disciples became materially secure and comfortable. It was not that they amassed fortunes, or that money came easily, but through Gurudeva's blessing their work was fruitful.

In the village of Kachras there lived a poor brahmin family with their son, Choga Lal. The lad was very intelligent and well-behaved and the parents sent him to me so that I could teach him to read and write. Willingly, he would sit beside Mahaprabhuji and sing a song or prayer for Gurudeva.

One day Mahaprabhuji laid his hand on the boy's head in blessing.

"God bless you, my son," he said. "Your life will always be easy and pleasant, but you ought never to forget me. Constantly carry the holy name of God in your heart as His name brings perfection to the person who always remembers Him."

Just as Mahaprabhuji had promised, Choga Lal grew up to become a wealthy businessman and his life was happy and successful. He led a simple and righteous life and was charitable to the poor. Several times a year he invited swamis to his house to hold satsang.

But if devotion is not true and if the mind and consciousness are not purified, the result can be completely different. This is what happened to Balji Heda.




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