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Cure of the Boy Asha Ram

At a satsang held beneath the roof of the sky, I was sitting as usual at the feet of Mahaprabhuji writing down his words, when Asha Ram, the tiny son of Sri Balji Rajput, came running to us. As he was coming to greet Mahaprabhuji, a poisonous snake bit him. Instantly he fell to the ground, unconscious. The snake was a king cobra and there seemed no hope for the boy.

Crying in desperation, the boy's parents bowed before Mahaprabhuji.

"Lord, how can it happen that our child must suffer such a terrible fate? Save him! Save the life of our son!"

"Do not worry," Mahaprabhuji said in a consoling voice. "Give him three spoonfuls of oil and he will be healthy again."

Many doubted his words, but the parents hastened to make the boy drink the exact amount of oil. Shortly thereafter he showed signs of recovery.

Asha Ram still lives today. He became an Ayurvedic doctor and remained a faithful devotee of Gurudeva.




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