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Mahaprabhuji's Photograph

During this time in Ajmer, several devotees asked him if they could take a photograph of him, as there were still none available. They made an appointment with a photographer, who set up his camera and took a number of shots.

When the plates were developed there was nothing to be seen but light. The photographer was confused and thought that perhaps something was wrong with his equipment, so he made a careful check that all was in order and tried once more. Again there was only white light, for until he received Divine approval, he wouldn't produce any pictures. On the third attempt he stepped before Mahaprabhuji with folded hands.

"Please, Lord, grant me permission to take a photo of your Divine face so that I may earn my livelihood and your devotees shall have this in memory of you."

"My photo is unimportant," Mahaprabhuji replied. "It is nothing but a piece of paper. My devotees will see me before them whenever they think of me and keep me in their hearts. Carrying this in their minds they will achieve liberation."

But in his grace he finally consented.

"I've told you what's most important," he said, "but if it is still wished so much, I will allow three pictures to be taken."

These photographs were developed and the wonder of the Master was revealed as he appeared in each photo in a different age. In one he appeared as a youth, in one at his present age and in one as an old man!




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