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The Mute Recovers His Voice

A merchant family from the Punjab had come to the ashram to visit Mahaprabhuji and the head of this family stepped before him with folded hands in greeting.

"O Lord of Mercy, ten contracts of marriage have been made within our family. Of all these only one child has been born and unfortunately this boy is mute. We have tried our best and sought all treatments but without success. We heard of your holy name and glory and that from your gracious glance devotees are released from their distress. Kindly allow us to take shelter in you. We hope that in your graciousness you will remove our pain."

Mahaprabhuji looked at them with his gentle smile.

"You need not worry. Everything can be achieved through devotion."

Then he called for a piece of red chalk and with it wrote a sign upon the dumb boy's tongue. Voice was granted to the child and he began to sing OM. The parents and family were overjoyed and they thanked Mahaprabhuji from the depths of their hearts.

Mahaprabhuji also accurately foretold that the boy would become a successful businessman.




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