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It Rains After a Wish

During the monsoon when resident in Khatu, Mahaprabhuji held a satsang hosted by  Thakur Revat Singh. I was also present. In that year it had not yet rained and crops in the fields were about to wither and die. The river had no water and ponds and wells were also dry. The cattle and birds had nothing to drink and the farmers were very worried.

Some inhabitants from the nearby village of Kachras came to Mahaprabhuji.

"Lord, the sky is always covered with clouds but no rain falls. Please be gracious to us and let it rain so that our lives may be saved!"

"Don't worry," Mahaprabhuji said. "This year will yield a good crop. Hold a fire ceremony at your watering-place and through this, rain will come. Pandit Mathuraprasad and Madhavananda will prepare the ceremony. Don’t worry, I will fulfil your wish."

Instantly we departed to prepare everything for the fire ceremony, but we noticed that the cloud cover had started to break up and soon there was a cloudless, bright and sparkling blue sky above us.

"How shall it rain now?" the people began to wonder.

When Mahaprabhuji arrived with some devotees at the place of the ceremony, the villagers had gathered and all respectfully greeted him.

With his own hands Mahaprabhuji poured some ghee[1] into the ceremonial fire.

"Within a short while rain will come," he said. "Now quickly distribute prasad to all."

While prasad was being distributed, the sky rapidly covered with clouds and a thunderstorm began to brew. After a short time rain fell and the people rejoiced! The pond was filled and the trees and fields greedily drank the heavenly raindrops.

The whole village praised Mahaprabhuji as the giver of life: "You are the protector of all living beings by your grace we are endowed with gifts!"

Such miracles appear to be unbelievable! Even today I am touched with inner emotion as I think of this day of rain and when­ever I'm in the region of Kachras I clearly see the bene­volent face of Mahaprabhuji, as if he really stood before me.


[1]ghee = clarified butter


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