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Ocean of Mercy

Quite a large number of people had gathered at Mahaprabhuji's satsang, when a stranger respectfully came to greet him and then sat down at his side. Subsequently this stranger also shared in the ashram meal. The satsang ended about ten o'clock and all prepared to settle down for the night.

But the stranger waited until all were asleep, then packed his bag with several blankets, pillows and other household items, and quietly stole out of the ashram.

The disciples on watch with Mahaprabhuji had noticed this but when they went to stop him Mahaprabhuji, a great friend of the poor, restrained them.

"Let him go. He takes these things because he is in obvious need of them. Allow him to leave in peace and don't embarrass him. It makes no difference to the ashram since these things don't belong to it. One person brings them and another takes them away. The Lord has wanted it like this."




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